Published on December 31, 2020

10 Things Mentally Strong People DON’T Do

Here are some simple things that mentally strong people just don’t do. These things are obvious when you think about them, but often take self reflection. So if you’re looking for the signs of whether you are mentally stronger than most, learn more below! Hello everyone and welcome to In this article, we're going to learn about 10 things mentally strong people don't do.

Pity your problems

In life, you'll face many challenges. You may come up short. You may feel embarrassed and frustrated. You may wish you could magically change the world, but you can't. No matter how hard you wish for it, your problems will never go away in the blink of an eye.

Don't waste any more time wishing life were different. Don't spend another minute feeling sorry for yourself. If there's one thing that mentally strong people don't do, it's wallow in self-pity.When you pity yourself, you're throwing your energy down the drain. You're wasting time that could have been spent on something productive; something that may change your life for the better. That's the big difference between people who are weak and people who are strong.

Weak people wish for the world to change and then, they pity themselves when it doesn't. Strong people take the world by the horns and change their life for the better.

Live in the past

Your experiences are invaluable. They teach you lifelong lessons. They remind you of what it means to succeed. They prove to you that you have more power than you think you do, but they're not always uplifting. Sometimes, experiences show you the kind of life you never want to live. Sometimes, experiences leave you broken and helpless, but mentally strong people know that the past does not predict the future.

Mentally strong people learn from the past, but they let history be history. You cannot change something that's already happened. It doesn't matter how frustrating or disappointing it was. The past will always be the past. All you can do now is look forward and create a future that motivates fulfills and inspires you.

Surrender your power

Who controls your life, your family, your boss, your environment? The answer is none of the above, the only person who has power over you is you. The only person who can control your life is you. So many weak people give away their power. They pretend like their life is not in their own hands.

Let's say you don't like something about yourself. Maybe you're too negative or too nervous. You could say my friends make me negative or the expectations of others make me nervous, but your friends don't control your mindset. Other people don't moderate your nerves, you decide these things yourself.

Mentally strong people don't blame other people for their problems. They take responsibility for their issues and they own their problems, which empowers them to find a solution.

Friendly envy

Have you ever felt envious of a friend? Let's say you and your friend work in the same field for a long time. You've been employed at the same level, but one day, your friend gets a promotion and you don't you see your friends succeeding and you feel envious. You start to resent their success. You feel bitter and underappreciated. You may lash out at your friend all because you're envious of their achievements.

Mentally strong people never do this because envy holds you back. You start wishing you were living a different life. You start pining for things that will not make you happy. Your mind becomes clouded by envy and you lose focus on your own aspirations. Instead of feeling envious, root for and support your friends because their success doesn't take away from your own.

Each person including you has their own definition of success. Each person walks a different path at a different time in their life. Your friend may walk that path earlier than you, but that doesn't mean they're better stronger or more deserving of success.

So, don't fall down this rabbit hole. Don't envy your friend's achievements. Instead, focus on your own goals, solidify your own definition of success and in the end, it doesn't matter how you stack up against other people. All that matters is your own personal growth.

Run from silence

When was the last time you were alone? I mean truly alone, not with your friends, not with your dog, not with your phone, your tv or your laptop? When was the last time you enjoyed nothing, but your own company. It's a hard question for many people to answer. You may crowd your time with activities and distractions. You may rarely spend time alone. You may never sit quietly in silence because empty space makes you uncomfortable. You don't know what to do with yourself. When there's nothing to distract, you you start to worry and overthink. You feel bored, restless and lonely. So, you find an activity to fill that hole in your life, but mentally strong people value their time alone.

When you're alone, you get a rare opportunity to spend time with yourself. You can talk to yourself, you can reflect on your life in these quiet moments you learn to be more comfortable with who you are and that strengthens your mind.

Mentally strong people make time to be alone every day and during that time they get in touch with themselves. They work through nerves and doubts, they think about their goals and they make sure they're headed in the right direction, but it does take time and practice to get comfortable with yourself. As sad as that sounds, few people are confident enough to sit in silence. At first, you'll crave a distraction. You may stare at the clock waiting for the silence to end, but silence is not an empty space you need to film. It's a gift you've been overlooking. So, embrace these silent moments by learning to be alone.

Betray your values

Values are never easy to uphold throughout your life. You'll face ethical dilemmas that challenge your beliefs. You'll feel tempted to change the way you think. You'll meet people who overturn your opinions and open up your mind. When their values are challenged, weak people either close their ears or compromise their ideals.

Mentally strong people don't do either one. They have the courage to stand up for their values, but they also have the confidence to challenge their own beliefs. Sometimes, we're right, sometimes we're wrong, sometimes we discover that our values are not what we thought. Mentally strong people know that change is good as long as you think for yourself.

Neglect your gifts

Do you take the small things in life for granted. Most people overlook the simple blessings that cross their path every day. They ignore the calm of a glowing sunrise, they rush through tasty filling meals and they tune out their loved ones, but all this rushing and neglect creates mental weakness. Your brain loses track of what's important to you. It becomes preoccupied by the negative frustrating things. In your life, you think about stress, you think about expectations and responsibility, you think about disappointment, conflict and failure.

Mentally strong people pay attention to their gifts. Every day, they concentrate on the small things that make life worth. Living the cozy smell of coffee in the morning, the warmth of a hot shower, the cool breeze blowing outside your doorstep. These small insignificant details go unrecognized and unnoticed. Mentally strong people stop to smell the roses, they practice gratitude every day and they appreciate life as more than just a ball of stress.

Wait for wins

The best things in life take time, but most people aren't willing to wait. They rush toward the end and then give up when things don't happen right away. Let's say you've always dreamt of playing in instruments. One day, you decide to buy a guitar, you look up videos learn from the pros and you practice your skills. You play every day for a week, but soon, you realize that you're not very good. You expected to be playing songs in no time, but now, you feel like a failure. So, you lose interest and you move on.

Mentally strong people know that every dream takes a long time. If it was quick and easy, it wouldn't be worth doing. Whether you want to play an instrument, write a book or start a company, you need to be patient and you need to persevere because impatience is the reason most people never accomplish their dreams. Impatience is the reason most goals fade into the background. If you have a dream, stay strong. No matter how long it takes,  you'll get there. It may take weeks months or years, but you will get there.

Escape to comfort

What do you do when you're uncomfortable, you give up or do you push harder? let's say you're running a race. You're halfway through, but your legs are getting tired. do you power through the pain or do you give up? In life, weak people surrender when things get uncomfortable. When they're thrown outside their bubble, they panic, they lose confidence and they throw up their hands.

Mentally strong people persevere even if they're flailing like a fish out of water, even if they're tired and confused because discomfort today is comfort tomorrow.

Limit your potential

Do you undermine your own potential? Do you hold yourself back? People who are mentally weak lose faith in themselves. When a challenge comes their way, they assume they're going to fail. So, they never even try.

Mentally strong people believe in their own potential. They encourage themselves to rise to the occasion, to surpass their own expectations and fly beyond their limits, because that's how you grow and succeed. You improve by taking risks, confronting failure and most of all believing in yourself.

Thank you for reading this article and be sure to consult our website to stay informed about our coming articles, because more incredible content is on the way.

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