Published on June 28, 2020

16 Simple Ways to Have a Better Day

Here are some great ways to have a better day! If you want to have a good day every day, whether it’s at work or in university, this article is for you. It’s about waking up early, maintaining good habits, and ultimately you learn how to be happy. Hello everyone and welcome to In this article, we're going to learn about sixteen simple ways to have a better day.

Learn something new

Every day feels worthwhile. When you learn something new. Whether you're exploring a new skill or diving into a difficult subject, learning leaves you both excited and inspired. It challenges your brain to understand new concepts, which may ultimately change your perspective on your life, your environment or even yourself.

Luckily, there are limitless opportunities for learning in the world  today. You could check a book out from the library, explore a museum you've never toured before or simply search the internet for questions that you've always wanted to know.

So, whether you discover a couple of interesting facts or a life changing field, a little bit of learning makes any day better and a whole lot more interesting.

Slow breathing

Changing your day can be as simple as a few deep breaths. According to a 2006 study published by the Journal Of Complement Therapies In Medicine, slow breathing increases mental and physical relaxation. It reduces blood pressure, disarms your body's alarm signals and relieves tension throughout your body. In the brain, it eases mental stress and facilitates a calm and restful state of mind.

In other words, breathing can work wonders for your body, your mood and your day, but the best part is: this day saving exercise takes only ten minutes of your time. You just sit down somewhere comfortable, then you close your eyes and breathe deeply. You don't worry about anything other than your breathing and when 10 minutes have passed, you stand up and you get on with your day. Yes, slow breathing may not seem like much at first, but those 10 minutes will make all the difference.

Read a book

Reading isn't reserved exclusively for entertainment or education. It's also a wonderful way to change your mood, turning a bad day into a great one. On a 1992 study from the Journal Of Psychosomatic Research found that reading can encourage a meditative mental state. It improves your mood by unraveling knots of stress inside your mind, but how does reading a book change your brain?

The truth is reading can decrease the volume of a stress hormone called cortisol, which is responsible for much of the tension and restlessness that you feel during a bad day.

So, if you spend as little as 15 minutes reading, you can rid your brain of this irritating hormone and raise your general happiness. So, don't hesitate to crack open a book when you're feeling stressed. Your brain will thank you for it.

Squeeze and relax

When you're having a bad day, the muscles in your body will tense up almost like you're exercising, but instead of building physical fitness or muscle strength, this unnecessary tension creates excess stress in your body, which triggers even more stress in your brain. So, how do you undo all this tension?

Instead of unconsciously tensing your muscles, try to tense your muscles on purpose. You just squeeze your muscles for a few seconds and then relax them all at once. You do this two or three times for every part of your body, starting from your toes and moving all the way up to the top of your head. You just squeeze and relax for just a few seconds and that tension will disappear in no time.

Watch the Sun Rise

Have you ever woken up early enough to watch the sun rise? Most people sleep through this inspiring moment, but the sun rise can get your day started on a high note. Not only does watching the sun rise give you a nice boost of vitamin D, it also affects your mood.

The beauty of the sunrise increases your general happiness and often triggers a period of relaxing mindfulness. You find yourself gaining a much-needed sense of perspective when you watch the glowing sun rise over the horizon. That mindfulness also happens be a major stress reliever.

So, if you've been having a bad week or just want to start your day off right, get up and watch the sun rise in the morning. He'll be glad you did.

Brighten someones day

Sometimes brightening another person's day will improve your own. An act of charity will bring a smile to your face and butterflies to your stomach. When you see all the good that one small act of kindness can do, your heart will flutter and your day will suddenly seem brighter.

If you're ever having a bad day, remember that you're not the only one. Someone somewhere is having a day even worse than yours. So, take a minute to be kind to a stranger and your kindness will leave you feeling better than ever.

Wake up earlier

Waking up as little as fifteen minutes earlier can transform your entire day. With just 15 extra minutes, you could make a better breakfast. You could relax in the warmth of a hot shower. You could read a chapter of a book or simply just take your time through your morning routine. No matter how you slice it, 15 minutes changes the pace of your morning and a relaxing change of pace will always brighten your day.

Nature walk

Do you spend most of your time cooped up inside? How many hours do you spend sitting every day. Most people spend over half the day sitting in one spot. Between work and relaxation, your body doesn't have many opportunities to get energized.

The same 1992 study from the Journal Of Psychosomatic Research found that a brisk walk can turn your day around. When you're feeling lethargic and claustrophobic, just take a walk around your neighborhood or a hike through a nearby park.

Don't worry about jogging or running, researchers found that four miles per hour is the perfect pace for a mood boosting walk. Just remember the goal here isn't to exhaust your body or to strain your muscles. A brisk walk will leave you happy and refreshed improving your mood for the rest of your day.

Apply your strengths

If you're having a bad day, do something you're good at. Just give yourself the chance to shine by applying your strengths. Those strengths give you confidence and that confidence improves your mood. So, whether you're a great speaker, writer or artist, brighten your day by using your strengths to the fullest.

Stretch your body

Sometimes a bad day leaves you feeling achy and fatigued, almost like you just finished a hard workout. Luckily, there's an easy solution. Try 10 to 15 minutes of gentle stretching. They don't worry about pushing your limits or breaking a sweat, just open up your muscles with easy stretches and some deep breathing. Stretching is good for your body, but it also clears your mind paving the way for a better day.

Count to ten

If you find yourself in a terrible mood, ten seconds can make all the difference. When those negative thoughts are swirling through your head, just sit down and count to 10. Slowly and carefully, you can count out loud or silently in your head, it really doesn't matter. Either way, those 10 seconds will settle you down and help you see clearly and before you know it, your stress will begin to melt away and you'll find yourself feeling infinitely better.

Think ahead

How often do you think about your long-term goals? Most people rarely challenge themselves to consider the future, but thinking long-term is a great way to get motivated and inspired. You don't have to make any major decisions or plan the next 10 years of your life, just simply spend some time thinking about your ambitions. what do you want to accomplish? How do you want to get there? You may not have answers to these questions just yet, but thinking through them can improve your day.

Avoid negative people

Is there someone toxic in your life, maybe a friend, partner or family member. Spending time with toxic people is a recipe for disaster. Not only does it worse in your mood, it also decreases your self esteem. So, avoid toxic people to improve your day. Give yourself a break from their criticism or negativity. Without those toxic voices bringing you down, you'll find yourself in a much more positive state of mind.

Make a new friend

Social bonding is another way to improve your day. At work, at a coffee shop or just walking on the street, take a moment to say hello to a stranger. Just start up a conversation with someone new. It doesn't matter what you say or how long you talk, all that matters is connecting with a new friendly face.

Plan your tomorrow

If you're having a bad day, change your thinking by looking into the future. Spend some time thinking about what you want to accomplish tomorrow. Get excited for the goals you're going to check off your to-do list. Planning your tomorrow creates an optimistic mindset while opening the door for a more productive day. As you plan all the things you're going to accomplish, you may get inspired to start right away. So, even if today isn't going as planned, remember that you'll always have tomorrow.

Reflect on success

At the end of the day, take a moment to reflect on the last 24 hours. Think about the things you achieve today. Think about the moments where you work hard. Think about the chances you took and the progress you've made. Most people are so concerned with their failures that they rarely stop to reflect on their successes, but those successes drive you, they motivate you and they inspire you. Those successes show you how far you've come. So, don't forget to appreciate where you are. That appreciation and gratitude will instantly turn your day around.

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