Published on May 21, 2020

Myers Briggs Personality Types Explained

The myers-briggs type indicator is one of the most popular and thorough personality tests in the world. Drawing from a diverse spectrum of personality traits, this test has revealed 16 unique personalities. Each one represented by a combination of four letters, but which personality type are you? Hello everyone and welcome to In this article, we're going to take a closer look at the Myers-Briggs personality types.


Let's start with the most common personality type. ISTJs are renowned for two things: a logical mindset and a firm dedication to the rules. ISTJs are calculated in conservative decision makers and their allegiance to laws and traditions help them organize the world around them. They're strict with the people in their life, just like they're strict with themselves, they never miss a deadline, they care about their reputation and most of all when an ISTJ says they're going to do something, they do it. With an independent spirit and a knack for problem solving, ISTJs excel in fields where they rely only on themselves. The simple fact is, no one knows the rules better than an ISTJ.


ISFJs are introverted analytical and socially conscious like an ISTJ, but there's one aspect that really sets them apart. Among introverts, ISFJs are a rare breed. They're kind hearted people who dedicate their lives to helping or protecting others. Overflowing with enthusiasm, they'll stand up and fight for anyone, because ISFJs connect with others on a personal level. They're naturally social and revolve their lives around the needs of other people.

Beyond their giving nature, ISFJs are meticulous and reliable even if they do procrastinate once in a while. This personality type thrives in altruistic fields like medicine and Social Work. Many ISTJs also find happiness educating others, satisfying a deep desire to nurture and defend.


Unlike the last two, INFJs are few and far between. Less than 1% of the population fits this capable and fiercely idealistic personality type. On the surface, INFJs fly under the radar, but underneath, you'll find one of the strongest and most creative personalities on this list. INFJs have passionate opinions and a strong moral compass. In the workplace, INFJs are a force to be reckoned with. Their convictions soar into the clouds. INFJs pursue their dreams lead important movements and work tirelessly to change the world.

The problem is, INFJs neglect themselves in the process. In their personal lives, INFJs seek one thing above all else and that's balance, balance at work at home and in their relationships. While these people take a while to warm up, they're compassionate and sensitive spirits make a great impression on everyone they meet.


INTJs represents some of the most accomplished individuals in history. They spend their lives creating and innovating while chasing seamlessly impossible ambitions. They're decisive, they're curious and they're always hungry for more. The core of an INTJs personality is their love for learning, their natural academics, proud of their ability to master subject after subject.

INTJs are also careful planners. They're confident and their ability to succeed. So, they tinker with issues endlessly until they're just right. Unfortunately, their ambitions and work ethic can affect their relationships. INTJs neglect the people they care about. At the end of the day, INTJs work, travel and succeed alone. So, they excel in high-stakes positions that value independence and an active imagination.


Flexible and logical, ISTPs are a bit unorthodox. Unlike INTJs who are constantly buried in a book. ISTPs enjoy getting their hands dirty. They're thrilled by all kinds of problems and puzzles, but have a hard time staying focused on just one thing. ISTPs can be impulsive and unpredictable, but their flexibility leads them into exciting careers filled with spontaneity.

You may find ISTPs saving lives in the emergency room, soaring above the clouds as a pilot or building innovative technology as an engineer. In their personal lives, ISTPs are straightforward and honest. It's a challenge to hold him still, but is ISTPs are some of the most interesting people you'll ever meet.


ISFPs are an ISTJ's nightmare. They love to break the rules defying social conventions with their unique and adventurous ways of thinking. ISFPs don't like being defined by the expectations of others. So, they continuously search for ways to set themselves apart and that's why many ISFPs find success in the arts. They reinvent old traditions with their out-of-the-box thinking, creating new styles and trends.

As friends, ISFPs can be a bit frustrating. They're charming, caring and expressive, but they're also unpredictable a lot like ISTPs. They take big risks and tend to lose their tempers, however ISTPs are sensitive and compassionate when it accounts.


INFPs find the good and everyone and everything. They're true optimists, whose soothing demeanor and intrinsic passion leaves others feeling both calm and comforted. INFPs aren't the most outgoing people in the world, but they're excellent communicators. Many INFPs learn to express themselves through creative works, which they can use to explore poetic and often fantastical ideas. INFPs spend much of their time listening, but don't let their passivity fool you. The words may never leave their lips, but INFPs have plenty to say.


INTP is another rare personality type. They're known for innovative perspectives and a sharp intellect. INTPs are some of the most logical people you'll ever meet. They have a talent for pattern recognition, experimentation and problem-solving. So, it's no surprise that they excel in the sciences. While these people are insightful and expressive, they can leave others with a bad taste in their mouth. They'll often spout half-baked ideas start heated debates and overwhelm others with their sporadic theories. Many people find this personality confusing, but INTPs are some of the most brilliant people on the planet.


ESTPs flourish in the spotlight. This personality type loves to be the center of attention. They're adept entertainers, whose energy and humor can charm just about anyone. ESTPs are known for their risky and adventurous lifestyles. They live in the moments. They follow their own rules, but they're also incredibly observant. This personality leans toward active and exciting fields. Where they thrive under pressure most people crumble in a crisis, but that's exactly how an ESTP likes it.


Similar to ESTPs, ESFPs are natural entertainers. Their enthusiasm and spontaneity can light up even the darkest rooms. Many ESFPs become actors, because they feel the most confident on stage. They're also generous with their time and energy. They're encouraging of their friends and family and even though they enjoy the attention they're very sensitive people.

ESFPs struggle however when it's time to sit down and put in the hours. Unexciting or repetitive tasks are not their strong suit. So, ESFPs rely on others to catch the little things that fall through the cracks.


ENFPs alternate between passionate, idealism and free-spirited spontaneity. Their charming and energetic while striking a delicate balance between extraversion and introversion. Many ENFPs have a talent for original thinking. ENFPs are often viewed as leaders for their high self esteem and emotional intelligence. Their confidence breeds a strong intuition which guides an ENFP every move. Now, of course sometimes their intuition leads them down the wrong path.


ENTPs are a frustrating personality type, because they love to argue. They're incredibly clever and draw from a broad library of knowledge. ENTPs will play devil's advocate just for the fun of it. They can't help, but prove their points even if it irritates everyone else around them, but thankfully, ENTPs do more than just argue. They're creative and honest visionaries who excel in the midst of conflict. So, when backed into a corner, ENTPs really start to shine.


ESTJs pride themselves on honesty and dignity. They make fantastic leaders, because they never shy away from hard decisions. Most ESTJs are active in their communities. They dedicate themselves to social improvements and work hard to bring their communities together. To an ESTJ, shortcuts are the enemy. There are firm believers in doing things right even if that means dedicating extra time and effort. So, unlike some of the other loners on this list, ESTJs don't like working by themselves. They excel at cooperating in groups and always expect others to do what's right. ESTJs are famous for their stubborn values and they plan on keeping it that way.


ESFJs are the most popular extroverted personality type, totalling about twelve percent of the population. This personality is a natural socialite. They care about their communities and work hard to foster a loving social circle. The happiness of others is often their first priority even if that means sacrificing their own. While ESFJs can be a tad bit shallow, they have a strong moral compass which draws them to help others in need. Many EFSJs find fulfilling careers and sales, medicine and human relations. ESFJs are great with people, no matter what environment you throw them into.


ENFJs are inspiring leaders who use their courage and charisma to persuade others to follow in their footsteps. ENFJs never backed down from a challenge. They communicate fluently with all kinds of people and excel at bringing strangers together for a good cause. ENFJs believe in others, believe in themselves and most of all believe in their cause.


ENTJ is an another brand of leader whose calculated confidence creates an unmatched sense of authority. ENTJs are driven, rational and assertive. They make hard decisions on a daily basis, because ENTJs are fearless strategists. They always keep one eye on the future and maintain high expectations, but ENTJs are far from lone wolves. This personality thrives with an army of dedicated followers in their corner. So, no one can get the best out of others like an ENTJ.

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