Published on January 21, 2020

Things Confident People NEVER Do

Learning to be confident is very important. When people believe in themselves and their capacities without bravado, there are things they simply don’t do. There are many behaviors that distingish highly confident people apart from others. Hello everyone and welcome to In this article, we're going to learn about 10 things highly confident people never do.

Discount they're worth

Just think about the world's most successful people, CEOs, athletes, artists, people who have made history. What do you have in common with all these incredibly successful individuals? Most people would say that you've got nothing in common with these successful people. They live in another world far from ours. You're presuming that you aren't able to achieve the same success or to accomplish your own ambitions.

The truth is that most of these famous people started out in the same position as you are right now. They looked up to other successful people and they dreamt of following in their footsteps. However, instead of assuming that they weren't good enough, these people found the courage to chase their dreams and make them a reality. That's why confident people never discount their own worth. When you genuinely believe in yourself, you can achieve just about anything.

Demand attention

Confident people have no problem to be famous, but they never request attention from anyone, because confident people never got their confidence from the people around them and they don't really need it. There are two types of confident people:

The first type gathers confidence directly from their environment. When they feel admired and popular then they get a sudden burst of courage and self-worth. They flourish under the spotlights, but this kind of confidence is only temporary. As soon as people ignore them, their confidence disappear and they start to feel just as insecure as before.

The second type of confident person doesn't need the spotlight to feel confident. Their confidence comes from their values, their goals and achievements. They're proud of the individual that they are and they don't really care what people think about them.

Now, while type 1 is constantly searching for attention, type 2 focuses on their own progress. They concentrate on what's important to them instead of catering to the crowd. So, don't rely on other people's approval to be yourself. If you want to build real confidence, then you have to find that validation from within.

Undeserved titles

Confident people never overestimate their own expertise or declare titles that they haven't obtained. Unconfident people make this mistake all the time. They start claiming titles that they don't deserve. In their mind, more titles means more respect. They think by saying that they're an engineer, an actor or an entrepreneur, it gives more value to them and that makes them feeling more comfortable about themselves.

Confident people never take titles that they haven't worked for, because they don't see any importance to persuade anyone, but themselves. Many confident people avoid titles altogether. For example, a confident person might have published all kinds of stories and books over the years, but they might rarely ever identify themselves as a writer.

It's not because they are ashamed of their hard work, it is simply because they do not need that their value is relied on their titles. They know exactly their accomplishments and that's all that matters to them.

Lie to yourself

Confidence doesn't signify you need to continuously build yourself up. You don't have to believe that you're always doing the right thing or making the right decision. Many people fall into this trap where their confidence depends entirely on their success.

Their ego becomes so fragile that they have to lie to themselves to keep moving forward. They must distort their self-image and ignore their mistakes, because admitting that, they failed would be too difficult to manage.

Truly confident people never lied to themselves or pretend that there's something there not, because confident people have the courage to honestly reflect on both their successes and their failures. They are already conscious about the kind of person they are and they know they have weaknesses like everyone else.

When confident people make a mistake, they don't need to bend the truth. They can take a good hard look at themselves, figure out what went wrong and makes sure they improve next time.

Running from self-doubt

Fear isn't always your enemy. Confident people know that better than anyone. They don't let fear stop them from accomplishing their goals or taking on new challenges, but that doesn't mean confident people ignore their doubts. In fact, confident people rarely let their fears go unnoticed.

The secret is to understand the usefulness of you fear. Just imagine you're visiting a new city and your friend recommends a good place to have dinner. Do you have to eat at that restaurant or could you go somewhere else instead? Obviously, you can eat wherever you want and your fears are a lot like a recommendation.

Fears give you advice about where and when to be careful or what kind of risks to avoid taking, but you have the choice to take theses risk anyway. You shouldn't let your fears hold you back, but you should never pretend that they don't exist.

Require permission

Many people have wasted time waiting for permission to take their first step. It's not anyone else's job to revive your life. It's your responsibility to achieve your gools and make progress. It will depend on you alone. By asking for someone else's permission, you're not owning your own happiness.

Confident people don't ask permission to act on their ambitions. They don't sit around asking if they can or should. If confident person wants to do something, they go out and do it, because they didn’t need the permission of anyone.

Make social comparisons

It's not bad to be active on social media. In fact, many people find new opportunities and strengthen their brand because of their strong online presence. However, confident people never use social media as a way to make comparisons. They don't survey through other people's profiles. They never let other people's accomplishments be little their own. In the same way, they don't use social media as a chance to brag about their own success.

Many people try to capture this idealized version of their lifestyle. They want to make other people jealous, but for confident people, social media can't make or break their self-esteem.

Resort to narcissism

If you're a confident person, you believe that there's a big difference between narcissism and confidence. Many people don't see any difference between them,  particularly when they're trying to cover up bigger insecurities.

One of the differences between confidence and narcissism depends on your self-image.  Someone who's narcissistic thinks the world turns around them. So, they're constantly searching for ways to  make the show. That's because  attract attention toward themselves proves to the world that they're strong and successful, not weak and helpless.

Over time, this self absorption evolves into this assumption that you're better than everyone else. Narcissists think they automatically deserve more good results. In fact, their time is more precious, this is why they think that they shouldn't have to work as hard to achieve their goals. However, confident people never let that misguided superiority infect their work. They know that real self esteem is built on a foundation of values and achievements.

Having a strong foundation means you don't need to constantly reinforce your own ego. You're never scared of looking weak, because you're already proud of the person that you are.

Stop making progress

A confident peple never stops making progress. They're always looking for new opportunities to improve themselves and new ways to grow at work. Confident people are setting new goals at each step of the pathway and that's the secret.

Most people set a few aims at the beginning of their journey and they stop pushing as soon as they reach them, but confident people know that progress never stops. If you're passionate and ambitious, there will always be new things to get excited about. So, don't ever ever stop yourself from moving forward.

Ignore constructive criticism

Not all criticism is helpful. In fact, most of the criticism that you'll receive throughout your life will be completely useless. There will always be people who just want to shoot you and attack you just to make themselves feel better.

If you listened to every single one of those negative reviews, you'd never get anywhere, but some comments are worth considering.

Confident people never ignore constructive criticism. If it coming from someone you value, listening to their advice is important to your success and profit. Those people aren't looking for personal gain, they're not tearing you down for no reason, they're trying to help you and they want to show you something that you may not have noticed on your own. Confident people know exactly the importance of a second opinion, so they always accept constructive criticism.

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